Open a t-shirt store, they said – how hard can it be?

How to open a t-shirt store

Open a t-shirt store they said. It’ll be brilliant they said.

Yeah, well, people say a lot of things.

Why did we open a t-shirt store?

Selling t-shirts on the Internet is something we’ve been doing for about eight years now.  But we’ve always done it through someone else, whether through something like spreadshirt, Zazzle, or more recently, the good folks at 8Ball – who have been extremely helpful along the way.  But this year we’ve decided to open a t-shirt store of our own, and do it properly.  Why? Because we’re idiots.

“How hard can it be?”

That’s what we asked ourselves last Christmas after a few hundred of you had bought our funny t-shirts on Facebook, we assume to give to people you barely tolerate as gifts.  Surely this would be easier if we had a proper shop.  I mean, we have a website. How different is it if you have a few products to sell on it.

The answer is very different.  As we were about to find out. As will you if you ever open a t-shirt store.

Still. We got there in the end. And here we are. With a shop. Which we hope you’re going to use and fill your baskets with products for yourself and others. Frankly, after the effort we’ve put in, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect you to spend HUNDREDS OF POUNDS with us immediately.

Tell us about the t-shirts. Oh, go on…

What about the t-shirts themselves? We’re glad you asked. The good news is that the lovely people at Tshirtify (part of the 8Ball group) will still be making them, so the quality and printing will be absolutely top notch. The t-shirts are 100% cotton Gildan Soft Style tees (if that means anything to you), and the printing uses one of the most state-of-the-art Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printers in the country. And we do love a bit of technology here at NewsThump.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, they’re also a very ethical company, having signed up to the B1G1 Business for Good campaign. This means for every t-shirt sold through them, they donate something to a needy cause around the world – e.g. paying for a day’s education for a child in Cambodia (this is an example of a recent campaign they supported through B1G1). So you can feel good about yourself while giving us some of your money. And we get to sleep a little better at night despite being “heartless capitalist bastards only in this for the coin”.

So whether you’re looking for something like a political t-shirt, a funny slogan, or a thoughtful gift for the woman in your life – we have you covered.

Now go forth and gather our products like the good tools of capitalism that you are.

Seriously. Go and buy something.


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