T-shirts for the pub in post-lockdown Britain

T-shirts for the pub in post-lockdown Britain

The pubs are finally opening, and the desperate race for a place to sit outside is underway – but what are the best T-shirts for the pub now we’re being let back in?

The sun might not be shining, but that won’t stop us making our way to the local to enjoy a beer in their ‘garden’ – even if that garden is basically a coned off section of the car park or a two-foot wide ‘beer terrace’ that everyone knows is really just the pavement.

But what to wear? Well, it’s going to be a T-shirt, isn’t it – because it’s not like you’re living inside Downton Abbey, and it is, after all, a British pub.

So what sort of T-shirt should you wear? One that adequately acknowledges the struggles of the last year, but with a celebratory tone? Look no further!

What about something acknowledges the human need for contact in a time of social distancing, while also showing that you have absolutely no intention of giving anyone the satisfaction of a hug? We’ve got you covered!

Maybe it’s a time for self-reflection, and you’d like to let your friends know that despite a year that has made us all look inward, you are still – deep down – exactly the same person you were just over a year ago?

If you’re one of the lucky people who has been vaccinated, why not let everyone else in the pub know?

Maybe you’re just angry at a lost year, and would like to point the finger of blame at the people responsible? Well, we’ve definitely got you covered here – whether you blame the cabinet, or Parliament as a whole.

So these are just a few ideas if you’re looking for T-shirts for the pub, but we have plenty of others, simply have a look at the full range in the shop!

All of our T-shirts are made from organic cotton, and we use water-based vegan-friendly inks to print the designs. Our packaging is compostable too, if you’re into that kind of thing!

However, regardless of what you wear, please enjoy that first pint and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that they’re staying open this time!

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